Angry Wife | oldschool arcade mobile game

An oldschool item collecting / dodging arcade casual game, that will keep you hooked with its unique style and humour.

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Angry Wife is available for iPhone and iPad devices, download now on the AppStore!

Save your belongings!

Your wife got terribly upset and is throwing everything out of the window

How to play

Move the character left and right with your finger, dodge bowling balls and anvils while collecting your precious belongings. The more you save, the harder it gets! Earn the oddest titles by meeting certain conditions. Can you get them all?

2 different stage locations and 15 characters, each with its own unique personality. Play as Santa Claus and save Christmas, too!

Supports iPhone X

p.s. don't try to just wait in the same place for long. God doesn't like it.


Aka we, who made the game.

  • Music Score: Marcelo Cataldo (
  • Special Thanks: Robert Greene, Juan Hill
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